Give Your Kids Something to Smile About

Protect their oral health with kid-friendly, judgment-free dentistry.

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Prevent and reduce decay and disease Reinforce hygiene habits for a lifetime of health Enjoy healthier smiles and happier children

It’s Time To Get Excited About Going to the Dentist

Cavities are the most common childhood disease, and no one’s idea of fun. But at Pediatric Dentistry of the Rockies, not only can we treat existing decay in newer, less invasive ways, we can provide preventative care to protect your child’s oral health in a friendly environment that keeps your kids wanting to come back.

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How Pediatric Dentistry of the Rockies Can Help You

  • Prevent Pain and Disease 
    Simple screenings and cleanings at each visit can stop cavities and diseases before they take root. Our preventative dental care helps keep your kids healthy, happy, and confident with a great smile.
  • Establish Healthy Habits
    Learning proper daily routines like tooth brushing, flossing, and good eating habits now can set your child up for a lifetime of good oral health.
  • Keep Them Coming Back
    We make our Fort Collins pediatric dental office a place your children want to be with fun, thoughtful, engaging care.

Start Looking Forward to Your Pediatric Dentist Visits

Join us in caring for your child’s oral health by making dental visits easy, exciting, and educational.

Get to Know You

Your kids are unique! We’ll listen to your concerns and help your kiddos feel safe and have FUN--no perfect behavior required.

Take Proactive Action

We’ll check in with you every six months to monitor your child’s oral health. If they need treatment, we often can address it the same day.

Superb Oral Health

We’ll help your child enter life equipped with the habits and motivation they need to stay healthy.

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“Our hygienist was so friendly and made our 2 year old feel so comfortable! Everyone was so kind and welcoming and Dr. Keith was awesome! I'm so glad we chose to take our daughter there!”~ Samantha Dohn
“This place is awesome! I am a pediatric dentist myself and came here to get my son’s lip and tongue tie released. Dr. Keith was so knowledgeable and kind. The procedure was so quick and I’m so happy with the results. 10/10 would recommend. Thanks again, guys!” ~ Breanna B.
“I absolutely love the hygienists and dentists here! They spent so much time making sure my son did not fear any of the dental tools and by the end he was reaching for the suction straw to play with it more! They take the time to make everyone comfortable and answer any questions. Highly recommended! I was referred here by our pediatrician, and I am very grateful for it.”~ Stephanie W.

Giving Back to
the Community

Our smiles stretch beyond the office! Since 2007, Pediatric Dentistry of the Rockies has traveled to Guatemala to provide much needed dental care to communities in need.
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Tongue / Lip Tie

child tongue-tie
Tongue-tie occurs when the strip of skin (lingual frenulum) connecting a baby’s tongue to the floor of their mouth is shorter than usual. It is a very common condition that, if addressed quickly, will not hinder a child’s development.
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