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Help your child get out of pain and back to loving life.

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When Fillings Aren’t Enough

Sometimes bacteria can sneak through cavities or cracks in your kiddo’s teeth and infect the innermost tissue of the tooth, called the pulp. Pulp infections (pulpitis) are extremely painful and cause symptoms like temperature sensitivity, touch sensitivity, swelling, and even fever.

Luckily, pulpitis is treatable, especially when caught early. Through a treatment called pulpotomy, the dentists at Pediatric Dentistry of the Rockies can remove infected pulp and save the roots of the tooth, helping your kids get out of pain and maintain the healthy growth of their baby and adult teeth.

Save Their Teeth

Pulpitis doesn’t always mean your child needs a tooth pulled. Pediatric pulpotomies in our Fort Collins office help your kids feel better and avoid extractions.

Get Out Of Pain

Kids with infected teeth can often be in extreme pain. A pulpotomy will help relieve their pain so they can get back to what they do best—being a kid.

Same-Day Care

We don’t want your child to be in pain for a moment longer. That’s why we offer same-day appointments as often as we can—to get them (and you!) the care they need.

Healthier Future

Preserving your child’s baby teeth helps their adult teeth, too! It reduces the chance for crowding, allows the adult tooth time to develop, and keeps their mouth healthy.

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“The staff and Dr. Keith were the absolute best! My 8 year old had a lot of treatment done today, and had the best experience. He can not wait to go back to get the rest finished!! “I will only let Dr. Keith work on me from now on. It was AWESOME!”

~ Kris Arrants

What is a Pulpotomy?

Often called a “baby root canal,” a pulpotomy removes the infected pulp of a tooth, leaving the healthy roots intact. This is often done on baby teeth to prevent extractions and ensure that adult teeth develop correctly.

Here’s how it works:

  • Diagnosis
    If your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, bring them in for an appointment as soon as possible so we can help determine if their tooth is infected.
    • Sudden, intense pain
    • Sensitivity to hot or cold
    • Pain when the tooth is touched
    • Swollen gums around the tooth
    • Fever
    • Bad breath
    • Sensitivity to sweet food or drink

    In our office, we’ll examine your child’s teeth, listen to their symptoms, and use other imaging and tests to determine a diagnosis.

  • Numbing
    We’ll numb your child around the affected tooth using topical and and local anesthetic. If they require further sedation, we’ll discuss your options and make a plan to keep your child safe and comfortable.
  • Cleaning
    Your child’s dentist will remove any decay from the surface of the tooth, then will open up the pulp chamber by drilling through the top of the tooth. Once inside the chamber, the dentist will clean out all of the infected tissue. They will not remove the pulp in the tooth’s roots.
  • Medication
    Your dentist will place special medication inside the tooth to stop the spread of the infection and then seal the tooth back up, usually covering it with a crown.
  • Recovery
    We’ll give you clear instructions about how to take care of the tooth, with guidelines about what your child should eat in the next few days (and until the tooth falls out naturally). The tooth may be slightly sore for a few days, but will soon feel back to normal.
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“All of the assistants and Dr. Zach went out of their way to make my daughter feel safe and cared for at her appointment. Their kindness, gentleness, humor, and attention made such a big difference for her! She left feeling like it was no big deal and definitely won’t be worried in the future if she needs any other procedures done there. We’re so grateful for the high quality care all 3 of our kids have received at this office for many years now.”

~ Heather Colburn