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  • Fix cavities, cracks and infections
  • Correct spacing issues
  • Keep smiles healthy and happy
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What is Restorative Dental Care?

No matter how well you help your children brush and floss, cavities and decay still happen. It’s not your fault! And that’s not to mention the strange things kids can have happen to their teeth: strange cracks, unexpected decay, teeth that come in too close together. Sometimes kids’ mouths just need a little extra TLC!

At Pediatric Dentistry of the Rockies, we can get your kids’ mouths back in shape, no matter what interesting problem they’re experiencing, so they can look forward to a healthy smile.

“All of the assistants and Dr. Zach went out of their way to make my daughter feel safe and cared for at her appointment. This was her first time having teeth pulled and she was VERY nervous. Their kindness, gentleness, humor, and attention made such a big difference for her! She left feeling like it was no big deal and definitely won’t be worried in the future if she needs any other procedures done there. We’re so grateful for the high quality care all 3 of our kids have received at this office for many years now.”~ Heather

Accidents Happen

It’s almost impossible for kids to get through childhood without needing some sort of restorative care.

But we know how to restore your child’s teeth to promote long-term dental health when common problems come up.

  • PULPOTOMIES: Even baby teeth are subject to rot and decay. But it’s still important to treat them even if they will eventually fall out. We do pulpotomies to clean out infected pulp so baby teeth can hang out until they’re ready to fall out at just the right time.
  • SPACE MAINTAINERS: Sometimes kids lose teeth before their adult teeth are ready to come in. When this happens, neighboring teeth like to spread out, preventing adult teeth from growing in correctly. We’ll use space maintainers to protect your kids’ adult smile and oral health.
  • FILLINGS: Over 60% of kids under the age of 12 will develop a cavity at some point. Left untreated, the decay will not only rot the tooth but spread to other teeth, and even the gums and jaw. We’ll help you catch cavities early and use fillings to stop the spread and save the tooth.
  • CROWNS: Chipped teeth, cracked teeth, sensitive teeth, decaying teeth—all these different types of teeth are commonly found in kids’ mouths. And all can easily be treated with a crown. We’ll make sure your kid's tooth looks and works right instead of needing to be removed.
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“So impressed with the level of kindness and thoroughness of all the clinic staff. Our son with autism fractured his front tooth on Christmas Eve and our dentist is out of town for Christmas. Our dentist directed us to Dr Zach and his clinic. The clinic was able to get us in quickly and the staff and our dental assistant Nezzie were so good to him and made sure he was comfortable. Absolutely recommend this clinic for all pediatric dentistry.”~ Sarah

But will my kid need a tooth pulled?

We get it: it can feel scary to think about having your child’s tooth completely pulled out of his or her mouth. We provide such extensive restorative treatments for kids because we want to help kids keep their real teeth. However, our ultimate goal is your child’s oral health, and sometimes an extraction is the best way to ensure that.

Here’s when we’d recommend an extraction:

  • Extensive decay:
    Sometimes, cavities and other infections are too far along to stop without completely removing the tooth. This protects the other teeth and gums.
  • Broken or damaged teeth:
    Sometimes, teeth are too damaged to be fixed with a crown and need to be removed and replaced to prevent pain and restore functionality.
  • Stubborn baby teeth:
    Occasionally baby teeth won’t fall out for the incoming adult teeth, and may even cause eating problems, so they must be removed.
  • Overcrowded teeth:
    >Every once in a while, kids don’t have enough space in their mouths for the teeth they do have. Extractions ensure teeth can grow in correctly.
  • Impacted Teeth:
    Finally, for whatever reason, some teeth simply refuse to grow past the gum line. These must be removed or they can cause overcrowding or twisted teeth.

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