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Lip and Tongue Tie Treatment

Relieve the pain and frustration of feeding difficulties with treatment for your infant’s tongue or lip tie.

Happy Baby, Healthy Toddler

A lip or tongue tie can restrict your child’s mouth movement. One simple treatment can improve their feeding, enhance their speech development, and relieve their oral pain.

Full Tummy, Full Hearts
End feeding time frustration and enter a world of easy eating as your baby finally has the ability to latch properly for breast or bottle feeding.

Happy Baby, Happy Family
A well-fed baby sleeps, plays, and just plain feels better. Enjoy a new chapter in your family’s history as you all relax into a joyful new normal.

Blissful Babbling
When your child can move their lips and tongue freely, picking up speech sounds is a cinch. Give them the gift of easy speech development, increased confidence, and social success.

“Went to see Dr. Keith at the recommendation of our lactation consultant due to an upper lip and tongue tie that were affecting our daughter’s ability to latch. The staff was all professional and our experience was great. They provide a full consult before charging forward with the procedure and make sure you are comfortable with everything beforehand. Procedure itself took about 5 minutes from when they left the room to when they brought our daughter back. Overall great experience and Dr. Keith even texted to check in that evening to make sure everything was going OK. If you are going through lip/tongue tie issues I can’t recommend them enough.”
Crystal Emerson


Tongue and Lip Tie Treatment Procedure

Children are born with a small band of tissue, called the frenum, which connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth, and the lips to the gums. A small percentage of children have a frenum that is extra tight or thick, which keeps their lips or tongue from functioning properly.

At Pediatric Dentistry of the Rockies, our dentists can release a tongue or lip tie by performing a frenectomy. During this brief procedure, the dentist uses a laser to snip the frenum, allowing the child full freedom of tongue or lip movement.

Using fast acting topical numbing cream, the procedure becomes painless for babies and toddlers. Our office can provide information on aftercare stretches and practices to ensure that the procedure is a complete success.

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Free Your Child for Success

Embrace improved feeding and easier speech development with tongue and lip tie treatment at Pediatric Dentistry of the Rockies.