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Make Dental Hygiene Exciting: 10 Games and Activities for Kids

Fun Activities For Kids To Learn About Dental Hygiene in Fort Collins

Dental hygiene for kids is essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, getting kids excited about brushing and flossing can be a challenge. To turn dental care into an enjoyable experience, we've gathered 10 exciting games and activities that will make dental hygiene fun for kids! What’s more, they’re so simple, you can do them anywhere– even at home in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Toothbrush Obstacle Course

Set up a mini obstacle course in the living room or backyard, and make brushing an adventure! Place cones or markers for kids to navigate around while brushing their teeth. The aim is to complete the course before the two-minute timer runs out. When they’re ready for the big leagues, you can try throwing a flossing event into the mix.

Plaque Disclosing Tablets

Remember all the infographics that popped up in 2020 showing all the places that rarely got cleaned when you wash your hands? You can achieve the same effect yourself at home with toothbrushing! Use plaque disclosing tablets or solution to identify areas where plaque remains after brushing. Let the kids brush their teeth as usual and then use the disclosing tablets to see the remaining plaque. This activity teaches the importance of thorough brushing.

Dental Health Board Game

Create a board game with dental health-themed questions and challenges, and make sure to let the kids decorate it. Players can advance on the board by answering questions correctly or completing dental care tasks, making learning about oral hygiene fun and interactive.

"Guess the Smile" Game

Show your kids pictures of famous smiles or cartoon characters with unique teeth. Have them guess whose smile it is and discuss how proper dental care can help achieve beautiful smiles like their favorite personalities–or in some cases, how their favorite cartoon characters might benefit from orthodontic treatment. 

Tooth Fairy Treasure Hunt

Organize a tooth fairy treasure hunt in the house or backyard. Give kids clues leading to hidden dental care-related goodies like a new toothbrush, floss, or a dental-themed storybook. This game adds excitement to losing baby teeth and reinforces good oral care.

DIY Toothpaste Art

Let kids design their own toothpaste tube labels using colorful markers or stickers. You can also provide them with empty squeezable toothpaste tubes and a safe, edible homemade toothpaste mix. This activity encourages them to use their personalized toothpaste and brush willingly.

Brushing and Storytime

Combine storytime with brushing! Pick dental-themed storybooks and read them together while kids brush their teeth. This way, they'll associate the fun of storytelling with their oral care routine. Plus, it will ensure that they brush for a full 2 minutes at least.

Dental Hygiene Pictionary

Play a game of Pictionary with dental hygiene-related words and phrases. Kids can take turns drawing images related to dental care, such as toothbrushes, floss, dental visits, and healthy snacks. Feel free to bring in the portraits you draw of your favorite dentists and hygienists on your next visit.

Tooth Fairy Dress-Up

Set up a dress-up station with tooth fairy wings, wands, and crowns. Let the kids take turns being the tooth fairy while others play the role of a dentist or dental patient. This imaginative play promotes positive attitudes towards dental visits.

Dental Hygiene Song Contest

Encourage kids to create their own dental hygiene jingles or songs. Have a "Dental Hygiene Song Contest" where they perform their compositions. This activity makes oral care routines more enjoyable and memorable. It also might lead them to a lucrative career in marketing– everyone knows toothpaste jingles stick in your mind like nothing else.

Pediatric Dentistry of the Rockies is the Place for Oral Health Fun

We can make dental hygiene fun for kids in Fort Collins. By incorporating these creative games and activities into their daily routine, kids can develop positive dental hygiene habits while having loads of fun. Parents and caregivers play a vital role in making oral care enjoyable for children, and with these engaging ideas, maintaining healthy teeth and smiles will become a delightful adventure for the whole family!

Schedule an appointment for your child’s next appointment and let us know what activities are brightening up your daily hygiene routine.